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Sure Online Income 2022 by Mobile (Video Prove)

Assalamualaikum everyone. You get the right place if you search online income 2022 by mobile. In this post, we discuss how can you earn money online by using a mobile device. Please carefully read this article. To create your own knowledge you need to know a lot of information about online income. Many people work in this sector but a major people are not successful to earn online. Because they have no energy or proper guideline about earning money online.

Online income has 2 types of systems. that’s are:

1. Fixed System
2. Temporary System

Online Income 2022 by Mobile Fixed System

We discuss 5 system fixed online Income 2022 by mobile. Let’s start:

Creating YouTube video

YouTube is a popular video-sharing platform. If you like to like to make videos and if you have a good smartphone then you can create a youtube channel. Because it is a genuine system to earn money online.

As a beginner, you can choose the education or informational category for making a youtube video. By following the youtube policy, if you get 1000 subscribers and 4000 hour minutes of video watch time then you apply for an Adsense and earn from youtube.

Blogging by mobile online income 2022

Blogging is a fresh pain-free freelancing platform. If you like writing, this sector is best for your online income 2022. You can start writing from your skrill subject. That’s good if you have a personal website but you can start by using blogger.org for developing your blogging knowledge.

Blogger is a free platform. If you prove the best article from your creativity then you get a huge number of visitors on your blog. By approving Google Adsense on your blog site you can earn passive online income by mobile.

Facebook E-commerce Online Income 2022

We all know that Facebook is a big and most used social media platform. By using the Facebook e-commerce platform you can easily earn money. Facebook ID and page need to earn money from Facebook e-commerce selling products.

Photographs or Video Sell Online Income 2022

If you like photography or nature lover then you can earn money online by selling your photographs or video. Picture selling popular online platform is ” Alamy, iStock photo, shutter stock, and Zenfolio”. Read their policy to know about their system.

Facebook Video Monetize Online Income 2022

Facebook creates a monetization system on its page. You can monetize your page by creating videos. Facebook page monetize policy is getting 10,000 followers on your Facebook page and 6,00,000 total minutes views in the last 60 days. It is an easy way to earn money by video.

Temporary System Online Income by Mobile

Temporary system online income means, earning sector change any time their policy. That’s means today you can earn money but tomorrow they close their earning system policy. Temporary system online income 2022 are given below:

Earning from bKash Apps

bKash is a mobile banking platform. This company owner is Brac Bank. You can earn money from bKash apps. By referral bKash apps you can earn money monthly 10,000 to 20,000 taka.

Online Income 2022 from Likee Apps

Likee is a short video-sharing platform. You can get huge fan followers by creating likee short video and also can earn money. People earn money from this sector by “Hashtag, video share, live, crown and sponsor video.

Know More: About Us.

Earning by Snack Video

Snack Video is a Tiktok opposition platform. This platform is too popular. You can make videos by using duologue, dance, songs like Tiktok. You can also earn money from snack videos by “Sign up, Refer, Share Command, and Check-in Reword”.

Online Income by Youtube Shorts

Youtube create a new platform which name is YouTube short. Like TikTok, Likee you can share short videos on youtube. 15 second to 60-second videos is counted as a short video on Youtube. Without monetizing your youtube channel you can earn 100 to 10,000 taka from youtube shorts.

TikTok Apps Earning 2022

Before we say that TikTok is a short video-sharing platform. At this time Tiktok is a number 1 ranking website. People like TikTok videos too much. By TikTok video sharing and referring TikTok apps you can earn money. You can earn the highest 240 takas from referring to TikTok apps. You can withdraw by mobile recharge and bKash from TikTok apps to earn money.

Last of all, Thank you for reading this article carefully. We hope that this article helps you to online income 2022 by mobile. Let’s start your work properly. We hope you can gain easily from online income.

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