Which Apps Use Apple Pencil in 2023

The Apple Pencil transforms the iPad from a touchscreen tablet into a computer with a precise pointing device. Add an Apple Pencil to your iPad or iPad Pro and you’ll see the device spread its wings. Here we provide information about the best apps for Apple Pencil. There are tons of great options for drawing, note-taking, and more. In this post, we discuss Which Apps Use Apple Pencil.


Notable is designed as a versatile note-taking app, especially for students. When you open a notability, then you find the option to write with your Apple Pencil or type with the keyboard.

Adobe Photoshop

As the iPad becomes more powerful, desktop-class apps are making their way to tablets, including Adobe Photoshop. Adobe designed the app to use Apple pencil properly. With the app, you can create PSDs complete with layers and use features you’re familiar with from the desktop version, such as spot healing and blending. There are other familiar tools like Layer Stack and Toolbar. To better help you while working, the app’s UI is context-aware, so it will only show you the tools you need.

AstroPad Standard

You can bring an iPad and Mac with AstroPad Standard. Simultaneously requires a special app to run on a Mac, connect your iPad via Wi-Fi or plugin with a USB connection. With full touch support, you can use the Apple Pencil system-wide with any app. This opens up several ways to bring stylus support with full pressure sensitivity to the Mac. You can draw directly with any creative software like the popular Adobe Creative Suite, Pixelmator, and more.

Linea Sketch

Sketch Line sits somewhere between a simple Doodle app and more drawing tools like Procreate. It gives you the simplicity to doodle whatever you want with power-hungry tools like Limitless, Transition Tool, Auto Ruler, Grid, and more. Like any other drawing, Linea takes a canvas-based approach. Not to mention, you don’t have an endless scrolling page here. However, you can have multiple canvases and organize them into projects.

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You can use Apple Pencil in various apps. We provide in this post the top 5 apps. You also use Apple Pencil for more apps that you can find in the Apple apps store. Thanks for reading this article, for more tech-related information. Please stay with us.

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