How to Convert Image to Text and Translate Image Text by Google Translator

Google is one of the most influential tech giant companies in the world. Google day by day update and increase its new feature. Some days ago we needed to hire a worker to translate image text, But now we can translate image text with a single click on Google Translator. This post discusses How to Convert Images to Text and Translate Image Text by Google Translator.

Google Translator Benefits

Google Translate is a powerful invention for translating any language platform. With a single click, you translate one into any language. It has a Direct language translation option, an Image text convert option, an Image text-to-image text translation option, documents translation option, and a website translation system. Those are the Google Translator Benefits.

How to Convert Image to Text

You can easily convert images to text with Google Translator. To convert an image to text first you need to enter website. Click on the image section and choose an image you want to convert to text. After uploading the image you show copy text option. Click the Copy Text option and paste it into any text.

How to Translate Image Text

Good news for internet users given by Google. Now you can easily translate image text by Google Translator. People can easily do it by Google Translator. To translate an image first you need to go to website. Next, click on the image section and chose the image text for upload. After uploading chose which language you want to translate. In a second you show google translate your image text. To get the translated image text download it on your computer or mobile.

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This is the way of translating image text and the image-to-text converting process. We hope this post helps you to use properly google translator. For more information about tech news and technology, please stay with us.

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