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7 Ways To Get Help from Police If You Are A Victim Of Online Harassment

Facebook is the most popular social network. But its abuse is not minor. Many people are victims of various types of harassment and blackmail on Facebook. Scammers or cyber criminals are responsible for these. They mainly use social networks for fraudulent purposes. Common users are harassed without their knowledge. In this post we discuss 7 Ways To Get Help from Police If You Are A Victim Of Online Harassment.

What kind of Online Harassment Happen?

Hacking into Facebook or email accounts, sharing offensive images/videos by opening fake or fake IDs, sharing radical religious terrorist content, using information and images to implicate others, extorting money through spam, threats, phishing, online quiz leak, cyberbullying, and many ways.

Where to claim?

How to contact the police to file a complaint:

1. First you can report to the nearest police station.

2. If any woman or child is harassed, a complaint can be made on Facebook by going to the ‘Police Cyber ​​Support for Women. Facebook page link: . Other than that, you can get help by contacting the email and hotline numbers. The email address is Their Website address: . Telephone number 01320000888.

3. Complaints can also be made by calling the service number 999.

4. Complaints can be sent by email to

5. If you want to make a complaint anonymously, please download the DMP Counter Terrorism Division app ‘Hello City’ or ‘BD Police Helpline’ from the Google Play Store. You can submit your personal information using this application. Apart from this, the problem can also be reported from the ‘Report to RAB’ application.

6. Cyber Police Center, CID, Phone: 01320010148 and Email:

7. If you need to speak directly, you should contact the DMP Counter Terrorism Division Cyber Crime Unit office. Address: Dhaka Metropolitan Police Headquarters, Shaheed Captain Mansoor Ali Sarani, Ramna, Dhaka.


How to complain about Online Harassment

According to police advice, victims of cybercrime should report themselves as soon as possible. Complaining with correct information and evidence is more helpful. You can write a complaint form to complain, which must be submitted with the correct information.

Matters to mention in the complaint

  1. A detailed description of the occurrence of the cybercrime.
  2. Date and time of the incident.
  3. Mention the software, website, or service you were using.
  4. Specify what type of attack occurred.
  5. If your ID or password has been stolen, mention it.
  6. Screenshots, links, audio/video files, or related documents.

When collecting screenshots, make sure the web address is visible in the browser’s address bar. Apart from this, if you want to file a report via the ‘Hello City’ police app and email, you can attach these documents and upload them. In this way, you can get help from Bangladesh Police. Thanks for reading this article, Please stay with us for more informational posts.

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