How to Write a High Quality Article for Google AdSense Approve

High-quality articles are the most important to earn from blogging. Without high-quality articles, you will never approve a website with AdSense. All the rules of writing a perfect high-quality article will be discussed here. If you want to start blogging, you must know the rules of article writing. In this post, we discuss How to Write a High Quality Article for Google AdSense Approve.

Rules for Writing High-Quality Articles

The first mistake we make when writing articles is to start writing before we identify what we are writing for our readers. Never assume that readers will come sooner or later. Before writing the article, determine who your readers are and understand their needs.

Once your article topic is selected, write about the specific topic according to the reader’s needs. Do your research well. Read other writings on your topic and find out what gaps there are in their writings. Don’t write what someone else has written. Express your creativity in articles. Explain everything step by step. Write your text in such a way that the reader can read it and reach a conclusion.

Articles are called the king of websites That means if the king is not correct then something is wrong with your website. Without high-quality articles, you can not get your site Adsense to approve. Since the main purpose of writing your article is to get your article read and shared by many people, there are certain rules to follow while writing articles.


Before writing the article you need to determine the following points:

Choose informative titles

Because if the title is not good, clicks will wear less. Lose ranking in Google. So first choose a good title. The first thing that strikes a viewer’s eye is the title. By looking at the title, the visitor decides whether to read your article or not.

Interesting feature images

Your article should have a good feature image. Feature images make the most attention to read your article. If your feature image is attractive, then your article will get more visitors.

Determining categories

A category must be mentioned in the article. A characteristic of a good quality article is mentioning categories. So select your article category.


While writing the article you need to keep the following points in mind:


At the beginning of the article, you should write briefly what you are going to write. Write some information about your article in a maximum of 100 words. Write the introduction in such a way that the reader is interested in reading the entire article. Just think if you don’t like the trailer of a movie no one will want to watch it.


When you start writing, always try to break it up into small paragraphs. Note that no paragraph should be more than 100 words. Articles should always be written in simple language and using short sentences.

Subtitle tag

The h2 or h3 tag should be placed in the middle of the article. Be sure to use a subheading that contains your main keyword. Use bullet points or numbers whenever necessary in the middle of writing. This will enhance the beauty of your article.

Main article

Always write original and unique articles. If there is nothing worth writing about, don’t write at all. Don’t read other people’s articles to get ideas for writing articles. Then you will never be able to write unique and original articles. Never copy-write anything. If you need any information while writing the article, you can check it from Google. Provide correct information. Use relevant research links.

Article length

You can write more details in the article, the better. Do not write less than 1000 words. Always try to write more. Do not publish full articles under 1000 words. While writing the article in large size, again nothing can be written incoherently. Write articles in simple language using simple sentences so that everyone can understand. Always try to make your articles informative. Because this is one of the hallmarks of high-quality articles.

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Write articles on a specific topic. Don’t try to divert the reader’s attention by writing something outside of the topic you are writing about. Earn trust with your readers by writing high-quality articles. If a reader is happy with you after reading your writing, they will want to read more of your writing in the future. Which will help to develop your blogging career and approve Adsense easily. Thanks for reading this article, Please stay with us for more online earning tips.

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